01. 06. 2024

Original street food

During the third week of June, try the best sellers of Middle Eastern fast food at Delirest. Our CulinaryCalendar is a matter of course for every experienced gourmet.

The part of the world we used to call the Middle East is still, unfortunately, one of the most politically turbulent areas of the globe. Culinarily, however, it is a true paradise. Rather than exoticism, culinary experts talk about the elaborate layering of ingredients and the extraordinary synergy of flavours, aromas and textures. Moreover, the flavours are not so far removed from ours and the spices used are wonderfully aromatic rather than pungent.

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Try Shawarma - flavorful pieces of grilled chicken, vegetable salad with tahini dressing and pita bread - at our restaurants the third week of June.

A second recipe from the Delirest & DeliKitchen CulinaryCalendar project, Baba Ghanoush, will also offer an extra serving of exoticism. Phenomenal Lebanese hummus made with roasted eggplants and softened with tahini paste, served with rich falafel, fried chickpea balls and glazed carrots.