Pohled na obědvající lidi Grafický prvek

Corporate catering is not just about lunch

Lunch is just the beginning We serve up our employees’ smiles as an appetizer. For the main course, we have carefully prepared dishes with no unnecessary chemical additives or food substitutes, in a comprehensive menu with something for every lover of classic and modern culinary trends to choose from. And for dessert, a pleasant environment where one can regain one’s energy for the work to come. Our service has many ingredients and the food itself is just the beginning. What does it all entail?

Svíčková s houskovým knedlíkem

Not just lunches

We can arrange breakfasts, dinners or catering for your events and visits. There are hot or salad bars for those who are watching their diet, as well as desserts for those who can't imagine their working day without a little sweet fix. Lunch or dinner at work are meant to be times when we can relax and enjoy our food, and we provide all the ingredients.

Corporate catering to suit your needs

In some places we serve thousands of people, especially during the lunchtime rush, while elsewhere we provide almost continual corporate catering across multiple shifts. Whether you're a start-up or an established company operating in the city centre or a business park in the suburbs, tell us how you work and we'll suggest how to set up our service to keep your employees happy. You’ll then have more time to focus on production and business.

Across sectors

We've observed a lot in the thirty years of our company's existence. Did you know that people in the automotive industry like different meals to the people in power plants? And that it's no longer true that only office staff go for salads? We did. We provide corporate catering in the energy industry, in production plants and for technology giants, and we know who needs what, when and where.

Guláš na talíři

For meat-eaters and allergy sufferers, goulash and couscous

The tastes and needs of guests have never been so diverse. You can have food from all over the world in high street restaurants today, so why not for lunch at your workplace? We can satisfy all possible tastes.

Food as an experience

We cook sustainable and creative meals. When local strawberries or asparagus are on the market, we'll serve them for lunch too. We incorporate seasonal and regional ingredients and regularly invite guest chefs and well-known culinary professionals to our individual kitchens. With our guest chefs, your lunches will never get lose their appeal.

Corporate catering even with no kitchen

We'll be happy to help you equip your professional kitchen and advise you on what technologies it should use to work efficiently, economically and produce the best-tasting results. However, if you don’t have any room left for one, we can offer you another form of corporate catering. We’ll deliver the food to you and prepare the meals to be served in the best possible quality.

Subsidised meals

We agree on a price calculation for meals with you. With us, you can offer your employees a lavish mix of soups, ready-made main meals, a hot and cold buffet or additional snacks that we make ourselves, with subsidies and at fixed prices.