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We prepare classic dishes for you with honesty, pleasure, and in first-class quality. We use fresh ingredients and follow traditional recipes from Bohemia and Moravia and Slovakia, influenced by Austrian and Hungarian cuisine. We complement baked, braised, boiled or fried dishes with vegetable side dishes or dumplings and other side dishes that we make ourselves. We also cater to fans of popular short-order dishes, so that even the most conservative diners can enjoy them every day.

Chutný domácí oběd. Kuřecí maso s knedlíkem a zelím.
Vynikajúce meníčko pozostalé z hamburgeru a hranoliek
Logo společnosti Domácí oběd

Healthy and tasty
every day

They say that only unhealthy things taste good. We’d like to convince you otherwise. You’re guaranteed to enjoy our FIT meals while maintaining your drive and focus at work. We cater to everyone who is looking for a balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates on their plate, has dietary restrictions, food intolerances, or simply wants to eat a healthy diet.

Vynikajúce zdravé meníčko Vynikajúce zdravé meníčko
Logo společnosti Domácí oběd

Pamper your
taste buds

We introduce you to the magic of contemporary cuisine, not only new dishes, but also an original philosophy of preparation. We emphasize simplicity and the gentle preparation of ingredients using state-of-the-art technology so that local products, fresh meat or seasonal vegetables stand out as they should. We top all this off with an unusual serving style and arrangement of food on the plate to also make it a visual treat.

Chutné a zdravé porce jídla
Bezmasá jídla
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Give flavours
the green light

We make sure that our meat-free meals are wholesome, tasty, always made with fresh ingredients, and that they're based on a concept. There are more and more diners who are not strict vegetarians, but include meat in their diet only occasionally. That is why our vegetarian dishes are becoming increasingly popular.

Logo společnosti Domácí oběd

The best
from the regions

Our FOLK menu lets you enjoy a variety of regional cuisines without setting foot outside the city. We prepare savoury and sweet local specialities using original recipes and seasonal ingredients from selected regional suppliers.

Rozmanitá regionálna kuchyně
Wok – čerstvá jídla
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Take a peek
the scenes

Pizza, pasta, wok or barbecue - fresh food prepared right in front of your eyes. Enjoy the feeling of having your own chef. And you can keep track of all the ingredients and processes we used, at the same time. So you can be sure you know what you're eating. And if you like to cook yourself, you can draw inspiration for your own culinary skills.

Pizza Chilli
Logo společnosti Domácí oběd

Selection of
world specialities

Inspired by the global street food trend, we've selected the best of the world's flavours for you: Asian specialities, Tex-Mex favourites, burgers, and even British fish & chips. We bring modern international cuisine to your plate.

Vynikajúce meníčko pozostalé z hamburgeru a hranoliek