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Eat well, live better

We serve our guests satisfaction and the desire to continue working

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Good food is the foundation for a good day in life. We take care of that for you and your employees. They’ll have plenty of energy to do their work and you’ll have time to devote yourself to your business or production.

In Delirest restaurants throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we see corporate catering as a comprehensive service. We combine high-quality and nutritious food with professional service and a pleasant ambience, in which you can truly relax at lunch.





In the beginning it was one company restaurant. Delirest and Primirest are currently donating food from 7 kitchens. The number of saved lunches thus exceeded 10,000 in 2 years.

In the third week of May, try specialties inspired by Mexican cuisine at Delirest. Don't miss our CulinaryCalendar with recipes full of colors and delicious spices.


What do we offer?

Not just lunches

We can provide you with great breakfasts and dinners, and can arrange canteen and buffet services or first-class catering for your corporate events and visitors.

Corporate catering as a culinary experience

We cook sustainable and creative meals. We use seasonal and local ingredients and, thanks to our guest chefs, we offer a peek behind the scenes during show-cooking sessions.

Blending with your needs

We know how to operate in a multi-shift world with thousands of employees, in start-ups or smaller companies - both in the city and within business parks outside the city centre.

Service, even without a kitchen

We’ll be happy to help you equip your professional kitchen. And if you don’t have room for one, we’ll offer you another form of corporate catering. We’ll deliver quality packaged and chilled food, ready to serve.

Subsidised meals

With us, employees will be offered a lavish mix of soups, ready-made main meals, a hot and cold buffet, and additional snacks that we make ourselves, with subsidies and at fixed prices.

Menu for meat-eaters and allergy sufferers

The tastes and needs of guests have never been so diverse. We can satisfy them all.

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What we stand for

We vet our suppliers

Everyone who supplies us with ingredients undergoes our multi-stage audit process. We always know exactly what we're cooking with.

We communicate

A greeting and a smile are essential. We also collect feedback on a daily basis and strive to constantly improve our services accordingly.

We care about sustainability

We aim to be carbon neutral by 2050 and reduce food waste by at least 50 percent. We act in a responsible manner and are increasing our proportion of recipes with no animal protein.

We innovate

Only technological progress will allow food to be prepared more healthily and conveniently. The new equipment in our kitchens increases operational efficiency and significantly reduces costs.

We base our success on people

We always care about the food on your plate and how professionally and in what atmosphere it is served to you. We continually invest in the development of our people.